New Security Features for Microsoft 365

Outlook now protects employees from instances of phishing and ransomware

Phishing and ransomware attacks are some of the biggest threats to business security and can cause significant problems ranging from loss of customer trust to financial crisis – both of which impact revenue and reputation.

Microsoft 365 now includes advanced threat protection features to help protect businesses of all sizes against phishing, malware and viruses.

This includes scanning attachments to detect and discard dangerous messages, automatic link checking in emails to prevent users from accessing unsafe websites and device protection to prevent interaction with ransomware.

Outlook also prevents business data being leaked

The handling of sensitive data is an everyday activity for business – whether its payroll details in a small business, customer info from your CRM or employee details in a simple spreadsheet. Preventing unintentional leaks of this information can therefore be a challenge for even the most cautious of employers and employees.

To help protect business data, new data loss prevention in Microsoft 365 can identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information. Further info protection lets you easily manage email access to sensitive data, while email archiving ensures data is retained and compliant through regular back-ups.

BitLocker device encryption can also be enforced on all Windows devices to further protect against data theft if a device is lost or stolen.

Compliance tools

With GDPR still a hot topic, Microsoft has also released a variety of new resources and tools to help businesses meet compliance obligations. This can help your business demonstrate it has taken appropriate steps to protect the privacy rights of individuals, with tools for data subject requests and audit-ready, privileged access management at your disposal.

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