Why Choose WordPress?

There’s no Licence Fees with WordPress

WordPress is open-source: there are no license fees and all software updates are free forever.

No vendor lock with WordPress

You will never be tied into long contracts and you can change suppliers with ease, unlike proprietary platforms.

You own your data with WordPress

Your data will never be locked in a supplier’s propriety system. With WordPress, you own all of your data and can walk away with it anytime you want with no charges for exporting it.

WordPress offers Multiple user roles

WordPress supports multiple user roles out of the box: super admin, admin, editor, author and contributor already come built-in.

WordPress is a Powerful tool for Content Marketers

WordPress is a tool of choice for marketers and publishers. It has built-in state of the art publishing tools such as preview, schedule a post, revisions and much more that will make the life of your editorial team so much easier.

WordPress offers High Levels of Security

WordPress has a comprehensively peer-reviewed source code. The most security conscious organisations such as Facebook and Government use WordPress – running exactly the same version as you do.

WordPress is great for SEO

WordPress gives you the best start to score high in search engines, in fact, WordPress is the platform of choice for SEO professionals.

Unique design options with WordPress

WordPress won’t restrict your vision of your new website nor a designer’s creativity. WordPress is a totally flexible CMS.

Integrations Galore

Do you need your website to connect to Salesforce, Pardot or MailChimp? What about tracking, membership, user accounts or forums? WordPress is ready to do all this and more.

Multilingual sites

WordPress makes it easy to build multilingual sites with WordPress Multisite or use of popular translation plugins.


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